Prof. Dr. Vincent C. Müller
image: V. Müller

Prof. Dr. Vincent C. Müller

Chair of Theory and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Ethics of AI and Computing

  • Ethics & policy of AI
  • Robot ethics
  • Surveillance and privacy
  • Risks of digital manufacturing and synthetic biology
  • Ethics of knowing, e.g. “Should there be forbidden knowledge?”

Philosophy of Mind, Language and Computing

  • Conceptual and ethical challenges of progress towards human-level AI, esp. computationalism
  • Benchmarking and testing of artificial intelligence (or cognitive ability in technical systems)
  • Theory of computing, especially within the philosophy of mind: computationalism, hypercomputing, morphological computing, digital states, pancomputationalism
  • Vagueness (in relation to categorisation and to computing)
  • Putnam’s concept of “conceptual relativity” and anti-realism in genera