Tracing its roots back to 1975 with Prof. Heinrich Niemann’s pioneering work in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) has grown exponentially towards a comprehensive coverage of topics within artificial intelligence research. This expansion is evident in the establishment of various research groups and departments, notably the Machine Learning and Data Analytics lab (MaD Lab) in 2017 and the Departments of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering (AIBE), Department of Data Science (DDS), and Department Digital Humanities and Social Studies (DHSS) in 2020. These encompass more than 20 research groups focusing on diverse AI areas, including Assistive Intelligent Robotics, Neuromuscular Physiology, mathematical Machine Learning foundations, Neural Interfacing, Computational Imaging, and AI applications in Digital Humanities. FAU’s commitment to AI is further highlighted by its connections with notable figures such as John McCarthy, who coined the term AI together with Alan Turing, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, and Herbert A. Simon, and held an honorary doctorate from FAU.

FAU’s commitment to AI extends beyond research to include a strong focus on AI education. For more information on our educational programs, please visit this link.

Reflecting our core research areas, FAU has organized its AI expertise into five distinct clusters, as illustrated on the FAU AI Map. This resource provides a comprehensive overview of AI research at FAU, showcasing our diverse research groups, our primary areas of focus in AI, and our partnerships with industry leaders.



Currently, over 60 chairs and professorships at FAU are dedicated to AI research. This work encompasses a range of topics, such as the mathematical foundations for machine learning, algorithm development, computing for embedded systems, and data privacy. Our research spans several application areas, including healthcare, manufacturing, and digital humanities, and addresses broader concerns like the ethical implications of AI. Notable contributions in AI ethics come from Prof. Dabrock, former Chair of the German Ethics Council and professor at FAU, and Prof. Vincent Müller, Director of the Centre for Philosophy and AI Research (PAIR) at FAU.

At FAU, five focus areas can be determined as specific clusters: AI Foundations, Comprehensive AI, Embedded AI, AI4health and AI Ethics & Societal Impact. AI4health is a key area at FAU, since Erlangen is the health node within the Bavarian Hightech Agenda. Each cluster represents an integral part of our AI research efforts. We encourage you to explore these clusters further by clicking on the corresponding areas below.

AI Foundations