Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer
image: FAU/G. Pöhlein

Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer

Schöller Endowed Professorship for Information Systems (Digitalization in Business and Society)

  • AI and Human Resources/Recruiting: How can AI (algorithms, data-driven approaches, chatbots) be used in recruiting and other HR processes?
  • Investigation of the influence of algorithms and recommender systems in (purchase) decision situations (In cooperation with the Nuremberg Institute for Market Research e.V. (NIM e.V.)
  • Developing and Evaluating, in collaboration with Merck, concepts and procedures that support decision makers in anticipating the ethical implications of using such systems and ensuring their responsible use (Project: “Realization of Ethically Responsible Information Systems for Strategic Decision Making (REVISE)”)
  • Addressing the adoption, implementation and use as well as the associated challenges and potentials of artificial intelligence for companies in industrial environments (research project with Siemens Digital Industries – Factory Automation (Siemens DI FA))