Prof. Dr. Sandro Wartzack
image: FAU/T. Riese

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandro Wartzack

Chair of Engineering Design

  • Digital engineering (assistance systems in product development, knowledge-based design, knowledge-based product simulation, systems engineering, VR/AR)
    • Plausibility checking and singularity detection in FE simulations using deep learning
    • Ontologies in the context of AI as a basic structure for knowledge-based systems in product development (data and text mining)
    • Automated adaptation design of mechatronic products (data mining, machine learning, system modeling)
    • Categorization of data-driven technologies for product development
    • Simultaneous development of a self-learning assistance system
    • Assistance system for noise-reduced design of rotating machines (machine learning to predict tonalities)
    • AI-based generation of depth of field
  • Integrated tolerance management
    • Tolerance specification by means of ontologies
    • Metamodels for predicting the geometric accuracy of additively manufactured components
  • User-centered product development
    • Affective engineering: AI-supported shape optimization
    • Biomechanical human simulation: data-driven interaction prediction, result evaluation/classification
  • Machine elements and tribology
    • AI-supported layer design
    • Machine learning in drive technology