Prof. Dr. Franziska Mathis-Ullrich
image: F. Mathis-Ullrich

Prof. Dr. Franziska Mathis-Ullrich

Surgical Planning and Robotic Cognition Lab

My team’s research focus is on cognition guided robots for surgical assistance in minimally invasive procedures, intelligent and flexible surgical instruments, and intuitive interfaces between humans and robots in the operating room. We aim to contribute to a healthcare system that enables optimal and personalized treatment of patients through targeted interactions between surgical experts and the next generation of learning surgical robots.

Research projects

  • Context-sensitive robotic assistance for grasping and holding tasks in cholecystectomy
  • Cooperative assistance in robotic surgery through multi-agent reinforcement learning
  • Autonomous catheter navigation for endovascular interventions
  • Navigation in neurosurgery: Risk-aware path planning and robotic control
  • Automated recognition of cerebral ventricular anatomy