Prof. Dr. David B. Blumenthal
image: D. Blumenthal

Prof. Dr. David B. Blumenthal

Biomedical Network Science

The Biomedical Network Science (BIONETS) lab investigates molecular disease mechanisms using techniques from network science, combinatorial optimization, and artificial intelligence. We develop algorithms and tools to mine multi-omics data for such mechanisms and to individuate novel strategies for mechanistically grounded drug repurposing and causally effective treatments of complex diseases. We also develop privacy-preserving decentralized biomedical AI solutions, which enable cross-institutional studies on sensitive data.

Research Projects

  • Design and development of disease module mining algorithms
  • Federated biomedical artificial intelligence
  • Systems and network medicine
  • Simulation, modelling, and detection of genetic epistasis
  • Development of methods and tools for in silico drug repurposing